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Why you should VOTE!!!

Why you should VOTE!!!

Every time there is an election, I get excited. We live in a country where we are free to choose our government officials – the very people who will make decisions that impact our lives on a daily basis. We are also free to speak our minds and share our thoughts and feelings on each candidate (as well as anything else we want to put out there for the world to see and hear). So today, I ask that you do your civic duty. We don’t have many of those! You may not like either candidate, but if you are an adult with the freedom to choose, I hope you will make the effort and make a decision.

Pick someone who you feel will best represent this country and your vision of how it should function. Pick the person you feel most qualified to uphold the duties of president. Pick the person with the best hair. Just pick someone and cast your vote.

Every vote counts. You may think that your voice doesn’t matter because everyone else is voting anyway. That is not the case! By not voting, you place the decision in the hands of strangers. Strangers who may or may not agree with your choice. You give away your right. A right that has been fought for countless times in the last few centuries. A right that we must never forsake or take for granted. Our country was built on the desire and need to be able to select our public officials. We have lost too many lives to this cause. Please. Let’s pay respect to all those who have fought for our right to vote. And if you won’t do it for that, or for yourself, do it for everyone else. We’re all in this together. No matter who wins, we must move forward together to build a better future for all.

This morning, my daughters came with me to the voting booth. It was exciting – the parking lot was jammed, the polling place was full of people…Luckily, it was well run and the process was quick (under eight minutes).

Election Day
Casting our vote

It’s important that they understand from a young age that we must all play our part. Each election shapes history, whether it’s a vote for president or the local school board. Talk to your kids. Explain why you are voting for your candidate. Have an open discussion about politics, our government, and elections.

In their school, my girls are learning all of these things. Every class is voting today (obviously, not in any real sense) and gaining an understanding of leadership and social studies. My Kindergartner was so excited that we voted in the real booth that she begged me to come into her classroom to see the voting booth they had put together. Here she is, voting for the second time today:

Election Day
Voting in Kindergarten

So, please vote! And also, please be kind. I may not agree with you about the president, but I still respect you as a person with an important opinion. Let’s not make things personal against each other. I hope today is a safe and peaceful day with record voter turnout. May the best person win and may we start tomorrow off on a positive note with a new course for history.

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