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What are these kids doing?!?

What are these kids doing?!?

I don’t know about your five year old, but mine is super particular about what she wears. Don’t even think of coming within 25 feet of her with jeans or cords or anything she deems as too hard. Jeggings? Sure, as long as they’re super soft. Basically, they can’t be made of denim.

Ok. That’s fine. So, I have a whole slew of leggings that she wears with shirts, skirts and dresses. I used to be ok spending $10-12 on a pair, but now I’m not willing to shell out more than $5. Why? Because this is a normal occurrence:


Seriously! She went to school with nice black leggings and came home looking like she had an encounter with Freddy Kreuger. What the??? Best part: she has no clue how it happened! How could she not realize her pants were getting shredded?!?

This is by far the worst it has ever been. Usually, there’s a small tear in the knee or the pattern has been erased from the leggings. What is my child doing???

I have a friend who buys beautiful, expensive leggings for her daughter. They have amazing prints. I’m so jealous. Apparently, her kid has no problem NOT destroying her clothes. I want to be able to buy those, but that’s like throwing my money in the incinerator. Now, I just hit Old Navy Outlet when they’re having a 40% off sale or Target for their $4 leggings.

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  • Aha! That makes sense!!! Thank you for at least explaining why the pants are shredded like cheddar.

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