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Video Tutorial: Best Chicken Soup Ever

I’m hoping that this video will be the first of many…Lots of¬†readers have asked for more pictures of food preparation and more recipes. I decided to start making short video tutorials to help everyone get into the kitchen to make great food and delicious memories. The name of this endeavor is A Family Passion for Food. Expect more of how my¬†family sources food, cooks together and shares a meal at a creative table.

Chicken Soup!

The weather got a bit chillier this week and all of a sudden, I found myself yearning for some chicken soup. You know, the kind that brings you back to your childhood. I guess that only happens if you ate a lot of chicken soup as a kid. Do most mothers and grandmothers make chicken soup? Well, mind sure did. The smell of chicken soup in the pot is so soothing. There’s a reason that many people refer to this dish as “Jewish Penicillin” – apparently most Bubbies (Jewish grandmothers) have their own recipe for soup. Anyone, if you want to warm up or if you feel a cold coming on, there is nothing better than this chicken soup.

I know it may seem intimidating to take on, but I promise you it’s just not that hard to make. Watch this video and then get into the kitchen and make this. It freezes really well, in case you want to make a giant batch (like I did yesterday).

A little note: If you’re wondering, “When is it done?” Just taste it. When it tastes done, it’s done!

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