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Update: Bathtime Troubles

Update: Bathtime Troubles

Not sure if any of you actually care, but I have an update on the bathtime problems I was having with Bella. Good news! She’s totally over the fear of the tub and is even sitting again! The way I got her to sit down was a bit of work, but it was worth it. On Monday, I got into the bath with her and put her on my lap, so she was barely in the water. There was a bit of resistance at first, but after a minute she calmed down. I slowly lowered her into the water with my legs and then opened my legs in super slow motion until she was sitting on the bottom of the tub. She didn’t notice a thing! It was brilliant, if I can too my own horn…She stayed in the tub for 20 minutes, playing with her toys and letting me wash her. It’s been better each time since. We’re back to normal.

I wanted to share the results of our poll:

In the meantime, I found out some other things can happen in the tub of which you may want to be aware:

1) Poop in the tub – this hasn’t happened to me yet, but I was at my counsins’ place a while back when their son totally pooped in the tub. There were shrieks of disgust and a “quick, get me something to clean this with!” In case you’re wondering, a floating turd is not dangerous, it’s just gross. You don’t have to completely bleach your whole place down. If bath time wasn’t over, just give the tub a rinse and then put your kid back in. Our stomachs are used to the bacteria growing in our own tract (but not someone else’s).

2) Pee in the tub – who knows if this has happened or not (it most likely has) for us. Luckily pee is sterile unless your kid has a bladder infection. Have you ever seen Man vs. Wild? That guy drinks his own pee like it’s a gin & tonic! I swear he would bottle it for himself if he could. Obviously, urine ain’t gonna kill you.

3) Drinking bath water – Bella does this all the time. Unfortunately, she has a set of glasses that she likes to “Cheers!” with. She then takes a sip. Oy. Luckily, this is also not life-threatening. Even if your bath has soap in it (ours always does), the amount your child would ingest would do little to no harm. At most, your kid will have an upset stomach and maybe diarrhea (if there’s a ton of soap in there). The concentration of bath water to soap is usually in your favor.

FYI – while we’re on the topic of bath time, I want to let you know about mold. When Bella was first starting to bathe, we went out and bought all sorts of fun toys, mostly the ones that squeek. Our nanny told us that we have to be very careful with those because they fill up with water and mold builds up inside of them. Then, your kid plays with the toy, squirks water out that has mold and ingests it. Not the best thing for your child. So, now we only have toys that don’t have those tiny holes and that I can see all the surface area. If I suspect mold, I can chuck immediately. I’m bummed, because I think those squeeky toys are so cute…If you do get those squirty toys, make sure to replace them every 2-3 months. Just to be safe.

2 thoughts on “Update: Bathtime Troubles”

  • lol – thanks for the “shout out”!!
    and btw i have been trying to tell your cousin for years about the mold in those toys – THANK YOU! i just threw out all the toys here at the beach house and need to do the same in the City as well!

  • Oh, I couldn’t get the image out of my head of you running out of the bathroom that night…There may have been some shrieking! I’ll be writing about Deb’s projectile poop story sometime soon…

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