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Recap of Israel Day Parade

Recap of Israel Day Parade

Yesterday was a really nice day. We started off by going to Central Park and playing at Heckscher Playground. Bella LOOOOOOOOVES the sandbox. It’s more like a sand ocean. It’s huge. Then, we walked across the park so we could meet up with Bella’s school and march in the Israel Day Parade. On our way, we stopped for lunch – organic Applegate hotdogs with delicious potato buns. I love that for only a dollar more than a regular NYC hotdog, we got organic all beef dogs with beautiful grilled onions and sauerkraut! Delish.

We met up with Gan Eden on 53rd Street where we would all march alongside the Friends of the Israel Defense Force in the parade. We were held there for a long time. About an hour and a half, I think! But, we were having fun so it didn’t matter. The school had shirts for the kids to wear, flags, whistles and bubbles so the kids were occupied.

I can’t tell you how heartwarming it was to walk out of Central Park onto Fifth Avenue to see dozens of Israeli flags. I’ll admit it – I got a little bit mushy gushy. The only upsetting aspect was the handful of ultra-Orthodox Jews who stood at the parade denouncing the state of Israel. Other than that, it was a lovely, upbeat, fun parade. The atmosphere was totally celebratory.

Here are the highlights from the day. We marched to 72nd Street, and then had to “get off the ride” because a rainstorm was imminent. And then the rain started…it hasn’t stopped yet!

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