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Poll: How to induce labor naturally

Poll: How to induce labor naturally


OK, folks. I need your help. As I mentioned last week, I’m ready for this alien life force to exit my body. So, my question to you is, what methods have you heard of or used at the end of the pregnancy to coax the baby out? I was hoping the Fourth of July fireworks would help, but I was wrong!

By the way, thanks Deb for suggesting I take this poll.

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  • Evening primrose oil – my midwife suggested this to me to soften the cervix a bit faster than the body might on its own. I took one or two capsules per day orally once I was full term and I inserted (sorry to be graphic) one capsule down below each night before bed. You also sell it as an oil. You can read more about it online.

    Sex is also good. Sitting in a squat position (as long as the baby is not breech) is very useful, helping to guide the baby’s head down towards an optimal birth position.

    Have you read Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth? It’s the best.

  • Reflexology and accupressure! There are points on your foot, behind your ankle bone, on your hand between your forefinger and thumb, and points on your back that they will push. I did an hour session, 2 hours later I had contractions 3 minutes apart, fully dilated by 3 hours. Worked both times.

    Good luck and I can’t wait to see your new addition! You all look great!


  • I recommend acupuncture a few times per week, 2-3 weeks before due date, but since you’re past that, see if you can get acu 2-3 times this week, plus foot reflexology. I induced my sister in law successfully recently and have worked on many patients before who’ve done well with this approach. Also, get a strong Chinese foot reflexology massage in China Town (email me if you want rec’s). Here is a recipe for induction soup from my blog on medicinal cooking :
    Good luck!

  • Thanks, Ngoc! I’m trying it all, but she’s refusing to come out! Hopefully soon!!! Hope you guys are doing well.

  • My feet no longer want t support my weight! I’m walking as much as possible, but it’s painful!!! Plus, it’s super hot!

  • Hey Michal!
    Hang in there – I can totally empathize as Sadie was born on July 31 last year, and man was it HOT!!
    If you have a breast pump – use it! Put a little lotion or something on to avoid injury (seriously!) – but the stimulation (and accompanying oxytocin release) can help get things going.
    Also, I’ve heard acupuncture works very well – Ariele Meyers in Hoboken (and Tufts grad) is fantastic and claims to have like a 90% success rate.
    Good luck!

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