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Opening Alert: American Cut Bar & Grill

Opening Alert: American Cut Bar & Grill

It’s been a few years since we moved out of New York City and we are still discovering the New Jersey dining landscape. To say it doesn’t compare to NYC is hilarious, I mean who are we kidding??? In a one block radius, NYC beats the dining options of most states, if not countries! Needless to say, we head back into the city often. However, we HAVE done a fair share of eating out in the great state of Joizee and there are a few great options. Now, there’s one more!

On Tuesday, we were lucky enough to test out the brand spanking new Marc Forgione restaurant – American Cut Bar & Grill. Today, it opens officially to the public, so you can go check it out for yourself.

Chic and industrial but warm and comfortable, too.

First off, the space is really beautifully done – industrial but warm. A nice big bar and ample seating in the dining room. Even better, there are some great private dining options to boot. OK. That’s lovely, but how’s the food???

The first thing you get is the everything biscuit. And it sure lives up to its name! Imagine that an everything bagel made sweet, sweet love to the flakiest Southern biscuit. Mmmmmm, mmmmmmm, good…the veggie cream cheese served with it is divine and only enhances the flavors.

I want these every single day
I want these every single day

These biscuits were so amazing that I attempted to copy them the very next day. Unfortunately, it happened to be my first time ever making any sort of biscuits.

My version…I’m going to rework the recipe and try again.

Apparently the recipe I followed (and changed a bit) was not right because although they were flaky and pretty, they did not have the same texture and depth of the ones at American Cut.

Anyway, back to Tuesday night…I knew that if there was this much care and effort put into the bread, the rest of the meal was bound to be great.

I feel like we tasted a good sampling but I’m excited to keep going back to try everything! We started with the hamachi and chili lobster. The tartare really brought us back to the good ole 90’s when we loved going to Tropica for their raw tuna. It was spicy, creamy and bright. The lobster (a riff on Zak Pelacchios’ chili crab) was finger lickin’ good. Thank goodness for that Texas toast so that none of the heavenly sauce went to waste.

For the main course, we split a burger and grilled shrimp. Yum and yummer! The burger was a thick, juicy slab covered in beer cheese on a sturdy briochey bun. We got it with a side of homemade tater tots because YES! The shrimp were ginormous, skewered and dressed with the best oil, parsley and garlic concoction. DELISH!!!

Finally, there was dessert. There was one obvious choice that literally jumped out of the menu and yelled, “ME! ME! ME!” That was the CrackerJack Sundae. Holy moly this is my fantasy dessert come to life. Popcorn ice cream, caramel swirls, peanut brittle and caramel popcorn. I may need to go back JUST for this dessert. We also ordered the banana tart. It was really good, but it was completely outdone by that sundae. I’m drooling a little bit looking at this picture and remembering how delicious it was…

Run, don't walk, to order this awesome treat!
Run, don’t walk, to order this awesome treat!

Get thee to American Cut! It’s a great place and the food is wonderful. Such a great addition to the North Jersey dining scene. Listen, even if you live in NYC, it’s worth the trip. It’s just a couple of minutes from the George Washington Bridge and has ample parking (and tons of Ubers waiting to take you home).

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