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Native Sneakers

Native Sneakers

I should have written this a while ago, when I first discovered Natives. Way back in April, right before we left for our trip to Israel, I walked into My Little Sunshine (the CUTEST kids’ store in Chelsea) to desperately look for some sort of summer/water/sneaker shoe for Bella. I had no time to go anywhere else and I got lucky. They had just gotten a shipment of Native sneakers in a variety of cute colors. They happened to have Bella’s size in turquoise. Perfect!

I bought the pair not knowing if they would actually fit, whether they were comfy, etc. I took a chance and threw them in the suitcase. Turns out, they were a fantastic purchase. Bella loves them. They are comfy, made of plastic so she can wear them in water, they stay on the feet (unlike crocs) and they are cute looking.

She hiked Masada with these things! And she’s done lots more activities with them. They come in sizes from Toddler to Adult, so go out and get soe for the whole family! I love the Miller style (that’s what Bella is sporting)…

You can get them at or My Little Sunshine (

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