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Must Have iPad Accessory

Must Have iPad Accessory


I discovered the most incredible tool. The Bamboo Stylus. Couple it with the free Bamboo Paper app and you can turn your iPad into a pad of paper. Sorry Steve Jobs, I know you thought that the index finger was a natural built-in pen, but it’s not. Who the heck writes with their pointer???

For those people who got used to all that training since they were a year old – ya know, holding a crayon, holds a pencil, then a pen…all those years of training should NOT be thrown out like yesterday’s trash.

There is a slight annoyance factor in that wherever you place your hand, the screen draws little nicks. You can either erase or just put a piece of fabric or paper under your hand…

I love that I finally have the ability to write AND draw in a comfortable, pretty precise way.

Get it! I got mine at Best Buy.

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