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Mama needs a recharge…(re)treat me!

Mama needs a recharge…(re)treat me!

The daily grind is exhausting – cooking, laundry, chauffering children, helping with homework, dealing with all the intricacies of child-rearing. When that is piled on top of a job, career or business, life can get totally overwhelming. When you’re struggling just to get the necessities done, how do you make time for growth? How does a busy modern mom catch a break?

Just like airlines tell you to put your oxygen mask on before you help your children, moms – we need to take care of ourselves so that we can better care for our families. If you are completely depleted, how can you possibly provide your family with everything they need and want? The only way to be the kind of mom you want to be is to take care of yourself physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally first.

Enter the Upside of Life Retreat.

Seasoned Moments (my culinary lifestyle company) and The Upside are co-hosting this retreat on Dec. 7 – 9 in Tarrytown, NY. If you aren’t familiar with The Upside, it’s a company that focuses on flexible careers for high-achieving women. They are at the forefront of the revolution to change the way working works.

I know that many of you could really benefit from a weekend away to focus on yourself, your career/business strategy, personal branding, work/life balance, family togetherness and goals for 2019. Plus, I’ll be catering all of the food for the entire weekend in addition to hosting two cooking workshops! There will be time to connect (and definitely to disconnect), to reflect and create some space for yourself. 

We are keeping the retreat small at 6 guests, and have a couple of spots still remaining. And just for you, my loyal readers, I can offer a 25% discount!!!! Just enter discount code: SM2018F

To download the brochure and apply, click here.

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