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Live in NYC? Need a Fantastic Nanny?

Live in NYC? Need a Fantastic Nanny?

So, I’ve been living in a world of denial. It’s now June. We are moving out of this apartment on August 31st. Yikes!!! I keep thinking that not thinking about it means it’s not real. But, it’s real and it’s a really wonderful change and adventure on which we are about to embark. A house, a yard, a kitchen in which I can take more than two steps, and a LAKE!!! I’m super excited about all that. I guess it’s just hard to think about what we are leaving behind. Though, we will only be 30 minutes from NYC. We’ll be back as often as we want.

I’m sad to be losing our amazing, wonderful nanny. Shamilla has been with us since Bella was 5 months old. She has been incredible in her care and love for our daughters. She is super attentive, helpful, sweet, loving…She takes the girls to the library and reads them books. She gets together with other nannies and kids and socialized the girls so they can play with others. She takes them to the park, to outdoor concerts for kids, to places that will amuse them and help in their development. I can’t say enough about how great she is!

So, I would like to help Shamilla find another wonderful family. If you are in NYC and would like a phenomenal nanny, please email me at nanny @


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