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Life is Beautiful

Life is Beautiful

We had a really lovely weekend. For the first time in what seems like FOREVER (at least 4 years) we had NO evening plans ALL WEEKEND LONG. It felt so awesome to tuck the kidoodles into bed and then glide into ours…movies, bad TV, books, silly mags. Two nights in a row. Delicious heaven.

On Saturday, the girls and I had a sweet day in the park – sandbox, swings, ice pops and even a carousel ride.

Ice cold ice pop
The girls

By the way, one person with 2 kids (one of whom is 10 montsh old) on a carousel is a bit challenging. Thank goodness the lovely gentleman who works at the carousel came to my aid. I must have looked ridiculous, holding a 10 month old and realizing that there was no where for me to put her while I got Bella up in the saddle. He came, swooped Bella up, and buckled her in. Phew.

On Sunday, we went out to my in-laws’ beautiful pool, had friends join us for swimming, BBQ and picnic and then went to visit our house. What a sweet day. We had such a delightful time that when we got into the car to go home at the end of the day, Bella said, “Mmmmmmmm, life is beautiful!” Zack and I looked at each other with pride and happiness. There’s nothing better than having a great day and knowing how to appreciate it.

Both girls promptly konked out in the car. They were EXHAUSTED!!!


Ahhhhhhhh the sweetness…

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