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HAPPY Hump Day

It’s Wednesday! It’s Hump Day! Halfway through the work week…Yeehaw!

Last night, the girls and I had a dance party. We blasted some tunes and got our groove on right before bathtime. It was so much fun – full of giggles, silly dance moves and jumping. Mind you, this is not always how things go down here at my house. More often than not, I am herding, prodding, urging in a loud annoyed voice the children up the stairs. This was so much easier! I just turned the music on UPSTAIRS! They were drawn like moths to the flame…

And then this happened:

The girls made me play that song five times. I was totally out of breath by the time I finally got them into the bath, but boy was it worthwhile! I often have visions of dance parties in my head, as though I would like to recreate a scene from a movie. Most times, I am too tired (lazy?) to actually make these fun times happen. Ya know what? Sometimes I just have to suck up my tired and let loose. It makes everyone happy and then bedtime is a snap.

This winter threw me for a loop (or five) and really had me in a rut. Today was a big turning point – I exercised for the first time in months and started getting myself back to me. That dance party is just the start. I hope to do lots of silly and spontaneous things that will put smiles on faces (not least of all – mine). I’m coming back. Just watch out.

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