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Get Your Tickets – Disney on Ice: Frozen

I think you’re going to love me today.

Frozen is coming to a town near you…ON ICE! Can there be anything better than Frozen on ICE??? I just love saying that!

Gotta hand it to the folks at Disney – when they have a cash cow, they pull out all the stops and MILK IT. Good for you, Disney! We’re still fully on the Frozen bandwagon. Heck, I would TOTALLY book a Disney cruise to Norway right now, just to see the land of the trolls and be able to sing the entire soundtrack in that magical place…

ANYWAY…I digress. On June 3rd, tickets publicly go on sale for Disney on Ice: Frozen. But, I have the secret code that gives you access to the pre-sale. Like, TODAY. So, get on that website, buy some tickets and make your kiddies proud to have such a resourceful parent.

Click here and enter the code SOCIAL (all caps, folks).

Then, pat yourself on the back. Frozen is just the gift that keeps on giving, isn’t it? Now you get to stretch it into next year…

Let it go, let it go…

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