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Fun with Pipe Cleaners and a Craft Kit Giveaway

Fun with Pipe Cleaners and a Craft Kit Giveaway

This morning, little Miss Bella grabbed a handful of metallic pipe cleaners from my office. She decided that she wanted to “make something” on the bus ride to school. Hey, I’m always down to craft!

So, as soon as we got on the bus, she started to think about what she could do…make a rainbow, a bracelet, a necklace. Finally, she handed me three pipe cleaners and asked me to make her something. “Whatever you want” was her directive. Easy! I braided three of the sticks then added the last one on to create a headband. OK, full disclosure: I had intended the thing as a necklace, but it didn’t fit over Bella’s head…quick thinking + a kid who LOVES princesses = cool new headband/tiara.

Braided Headband

Unfortunately, the three year has the attention span of a…a three year old. So, this was only interesting for about 6 blocks. During those few minutes, she decided that she wanted to give the little girls sitting in front of her a little treasure. So, she asked me to make the little girls something out of a red pipe cleaner. 40 seconds later, the little girls was holding a heart. When Bella was thanked, she actually gave me credit (I totally didn’t expect that)!

So, as Bella contemplated rainbows and butterflies with her remaining pipe cleaners, I got to work on another tiara. This one with a heart. I twisted two sticks together, made a heart in the center, twisted the bottom, added another pipe cleaner, et voila:

Pipe Cleaner Tiara

Bella finally came up with her brilliant thought, which managed to unify some of her ideas. She asked for a rainbow heart. So, I took the remaining pipe cleaners, twisted them together and shaped them into a heart. She adored it. She skipped all the way from the bus to school, holding the heart above her own…

Rainbow Heart

If you’re looking for easy, mess-free and fun things to do with the kiddos, get your hands on some pipe cleaners. They connect easily (just twist!), and as long as you have a basic ability to make shapes (and the imagination to “see” beyond the physical object), you’re golden! The kids love them too because they can make stuff.

Have you made some cool pipe cleaner art? Send pictures my way. I’ll draw a random person on Friday June 15th who will receive a jumbo crafting kit full of papers, stickers, pipe cleaners, etc.

Faber Castell Big Fun Crafts


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