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Foundation Rwanda Bike Build 2014

Foundation Rwanda Bike Build 2014


Some of you may know that I have been involved with Foundation Rwanda for the past five-plus years and sit on the organization’s Board. As a parent and as a fellow human, I believe wholeheartedly in the mission and work that we do to help survivors and their children born of rape during the Rwandan genocide. This year, we are attempting something incredible – to raise $1.1 million dollars to sustain Foundation Rwanda’s programs over the next four years so we can see our mission through to holistically support all of our 735 families through to graduation. 

2014 marks the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide. Maybe you’ve read some of the heartbreaking stories about Rwandan survivors recently — the 20 year anniversary is bringing up a lot of hard memories. But it’s also creating vital conversations about how Rwanda can move forward as a united country. This is why I’m so passionate about what Foundation Rwanda does.

Foundation Rwanda supports children who were born of rape during the 1994 genocide and their mothers. These first and second generation survivors of the genocide in Rwanda haven’t had access to critical resources to be able to recover and move forward toward a brighter future.

I’m rallying support for Foundation Rwanda, so that we can meet our mission and see every single student we support — all 735 of them — graduate from school. Join me in supporting Foundation Rwanda’s Bike Build 2014, and help raise money to fund bicycles, school fees, medical care, and counseling services for Foundation Rwanda’s families. 

I am a Team Leader for Bike Build 2014 because a bike and an education can transform families who are still recovering from the aftermath of the genocide, 20 years later. Will you join me and help make a big difference in someone’s life today? Any amount goes a long way. Together we can build a brighter future for hundreds of survivors in Rwanda.

Join us for Bike Build 2014 to support families in Rwanda. It’s the simplest way to make a huge impact!

I’ve already raised 14% of my goal. To join in this vital campaign, please click here: BIKE BUILD 2014


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