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First Day of School (pre-K)

First Day of School (pre-K)

Like most kids in NYC, Bella started school today. I was a bit (read: totally) scared that she would be a disaster this morning. I kept thinking that after two months of NOT going to school, she would have a tough time getting back into the swing of things. I couldn’t have been further from reality.

I was all business this morning. Once the girls were up at 7:30am, I plopped them down to drink their milk, then summarily presented them with breakfast. While this was taking place, I got myself dressed and ready. Then, I changed the girls. Finally, I packaged the gifts for Bella’s teachers.

*A little aside here…Bella’s teachers always buy art supplies for the kids and the school, so I filled up a big shopping bag with all sorts of fun art supplies including construction paper, sculpy clay, paints, etc. I also made oatmeal raisin cookies for the teachers and packaged them using Bella’s artwork:

Cookies from Bella

Once I loaded up the stroller with all the bags and the baby, we were ready to roll. I was shocked (and impressed) that we were out the door by 8:20am. Whew!

Banana – breakfast of champions
The outfit – Blu Pony Vintage dress and Nina shoes with a necklace made by me
The necklace up close – I wanted Bella to remember how much I love her while she’s at school
Breakfast, Part II – Cheerios
And pose…showing off her brushed out hair

When we got outside, I decided to stop and ask Bella a few quick questions, just to capture her adorableness on this day:

Literally running to school!

When we got to school, Bella was in a great mood. She walked right into class and only asked if Anya could stay with her (awwwww, how sweet?). The only one who freaked out a little bit was Anya! At first, it was so overwhelming for her to be in the classrom, but then I put her in the “kitchen” with all the cooking toys. She was unhappy until a little boy came over and started to play with her. All of a sudden, she was fine. Ahhhhh, kids…

Within minutes, Bella was engrossed in an art project – the teacher had her look into a mirror and sketch herself. She hardly raised her head to say goodbye to me. It’s incredible what a difference a year makes…

With her new Hello Kitty pencil case full of goodies

As the new year begins, I look forward to many new adventures. Wishing all you kids and parents out there a fantastic start to a new school year.


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