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Find My iPhone WORKS!!!

OK, I’ll be very honest. I don’t like Apple or any of its products. Yes, I have an iPhone. I thought I’d give it a try…It’s not that great. And it’s definitely not worth the price tag. However, there is an Apple App that works. Really well.

So, the other morning, I wasn’t feeling well at all. My head was completed congested, I couldn’t breathe and it took every ounce of energy to get my kids dressed, fed and out the door in time for school. We made it! I decided to pick up some food on my way back to bed, so I stopped at our local grocery store. Within 15 minutes I was home, ready to crawl under the covers. I discovered that my cell phone was missing. The big problem was that I distinctly remembered taking it with me when I walked out of the house (because I almost forgot to take it when we were leaving). Ugh. That is the WORST feeling.

I looked in every pocket, in my bag, in my car. Then I looked in my car again and again. I called the school to see if they had found it – NOPE. Then I drove back to the grocery store. Nothing.

Suddenly, I remembered that I had the “Find my iPhone” app installed on my iPad. I quickly ran back home and launched the app. Sure enough, it found my iPhone. The only problem was that it was showing it at my house. So, I pressed the “Play a Sound” button. I heard nothing. I ran (o, slowly crawled) up and down the stairs listening for the beeping. Nothing.

Then, I noticed that my iPhone and iPad were not showing up at the exact same spot. I zoomed in on my screen and saw that the iPad was showing in the vicinity of the house, but my phone looked like it was on the street.

It dawned on me that I had taken out the recycling right after I put the girls in the car. I walked out the to the garbage can of bottles (that I had put out on the street). Sure enough, I heard the beeping coming from deep inside the bin. Tucked under some milk jugs was my iPhone. What relief!

This is not a paid endorsement, as I don’t do those types of things. I just wanted to share this incredibly lucky and amazing story, so if this happens to you, hopefully you can retrieve your phone too. I got it in the nick of time because an hour later, the garbage guys came to collect the recycling…

Sample screen shot

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