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Details from Bella’s Fairy Garden Birthday Party

Details from Bella’s Fairy Garden Birthday Party

OK, I’ve been asked to share some of the details from Bella’s birthday party. So, here goes! Hope it’s not too boring for you guys  hear all about Bella’s shindig.

I have to tell you that Bella dictated what she wanted at her birthday party. She spent 2.5 weeks detailing each and every aspect! It was amazing and super cute and really, could I resist? If a not-yet-two-year-old can verbalize and communicate, “I want cupcakes, and chowocowate cake, and butterflies…and wings…and crowns…and PARTY HATS, etc.” because the list went on and on and on…I really felt like I HAD to accommodate. Plus, the thought of kids running around in little fairy costumes trying to catch butterflies sounded too cute!

The theme for the party was a Fairy Garden party…the obvious choice for venue was our park around the corner! It was free and a perfect backdrop for a fun party. Here’s the invitation I created:

I found this great fairy clip art and made it the central focus. I threw in some butterflies, and it was complete!

For the kids, I prepared:

Wings (Halo Heaven), Tutus (handmade by moi), Wands and Butterfly nets (Target) an Tiaras (handmade by moi)


Then, as an “activity” I set out pompoms, pipe cleaners, paper, crayons, and some other craft supplies. There was no structure, but the kids managed to make some great things – necklaces, butterflies, bracelets, balls and other interesting (and not easily identifiable) works of art. I like to offer the kids things to do (like crafts and the playground we were in) without giving them too much structure. That way, they are free to play as they wish. No circle time, no forced constant movement.


Check out Bella’s awesome heart necklace necklace:

For the adults, there was plenty of time to hang out, chat and keep an eye out on the kids. As for food – wraps, salads and pizzas. Our dear friend Jeff observed that we really could have called the party “Pizza and Wings” – he’s clever that one. Where was he when I was writing the invitation?!?!? Then, there was the dessert table…I got a bit carried away, I will admit…But, most of it DID get consumed, so I guess there was a “need” for it. Plus, Bella had requested it all! Here it is:


Let me break it down…From left to right: party hats (I already posted about these, you can get the tutorial!), chocolate cupcakes, M&Ms, rainbow cookies (Costco!), Bella wrapped Hershey’s bars, assorted cookies, Birthday Cake, flower lollipops (Duane Reade), meringues, more cupcakes and more party hats.

Now, here are some close-ups:

Vanilla cupcakes with Bella signs

 Chocolate cupcakes with fairies (thanks, Aunt Jacqui!!!)

Hershey Bars wrapped with Bella branding

The cake in all its glory – chocolate, vanilla, chocolate, vanilla layers with chocolate frosting between, vanilla frosting around and fondant al over with sugar flowers 

And, another view of the party hat, this time on Zack’s grandmother’s head – she wore it throughout the ENTIRE party! How lucky were we (and Bella) that TWO of her great-grandmothers attended?

Last but not least – the goodie bags!

I made the kids coloring books in two sizes – a 4.5″ x 6.5″ with their initial and a small matchbook, and I made crayon butterflies and mixed them with crayon rocks. I found butterfly bags, butterfly stickers, insect pens and a fairy maze game to round out the favors.

Hope that sheds a bit of light on the nitty gritty of the party. We had fun. More important, however, is that Bella had a blast. She had several costume changes and ate so much chocolate that I had to wipe her face every 15 minutes because it was COVERED! It’s like she had a permanent choco-mustache!

BTW – all the plates and utensils were either made of bamboo or of 100% recycled materials. I’m not the biggest fan of creating a ton of garbage…When you can, please consider using compostable, recycled and recyclable materials. Ok, I’m hopping off the soapbox now!

Tomorrow…a giveaway!

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  • Your coloring book is a great idea! My sister will be having a fairy party real soon and I’m having problems with the guests’ goodie bags. Your coloring book idea is a great help! Now I’m off to find some fairy coloring book pages, haha. Thanks!

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