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Cute Lunch Bags

Cute Lunch Bags

When we’re out and about, we like to carry food-stuffs for Bella. Most lunch boxes or insulated bags are either clumsy, too big or just not that cute. We like two brands of lunch bags – Built NY and Dabbawalla.

Built NY has a large selection of bags from lunch to bottle to even laptop! Their colors are fun and they have some nice patterns too. You don’t look so dorky walking around with their bags! Plus, the neoprene is good for temperature control, so you can throw in an ice pack to keep things cool for a while. We have the large dotted one pictured at left.

Dabbawalla is a company I discovered at the NY International Gift Show a year and a half ago. I found out that Dabba means lunch box and Walla means man in Hindi. They repurposed the term to mean “A stylish, practical bag for little people  on the go.” Dabbawalla also makes neoprene bags, but these are targeted to the young set. Their lunch bags are adorable and I want one of each! Instead of just a plain bag, theirs are animals. Beyond just cute, they are practical as there are two pockets inside (one for an ice pack and one for a bottle), as well as a pocket in the back (outside). We have the cow. Moo!

I’ve seen Built NY bags practically everywhere! I’ve seen them at Whole Foods, at Home Goods and TJ Maxx, Buy Buy Baby, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc. You can also visit their site:

Dabbawalla products are available at Buy Buy Baby and dozens of boutiques around the country. You can visit them online at

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