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Best New Product – Infantino’s Make Your Own Food Pouches

I rarely get excited over a new baby product, probably because seven new doodads come out every minute and usually they are a giant waste of money, prey on parental fears and make more garbage than our earth needs.

Today, I discovered the most incredible product that is inexpensive, saves money and is awesome.

I don’t know about you, but I love the baby food pouches now available in every store. Companies like Ella’s Kitchen make terrific combos and I love the portability of the pouch, how it packs so well and makes feeding a young one on the go so simple. The big downside is that they are pretty expensive – anywhere from $1.69 – 2.50 per 3.5-4 oz pouch. That adds up really fast. Plus, I am never sure of exactly what is in the pouch, where it came from or how long it’s been in there.

Enter Infantino’s Fresh Squeezed.

This is a make your own pouch system. Now, most baby food items are overpriced. I would NEVER tell you to go out and buy a special $99 food puree machine because the $10 hand blender works just as well. This contraption is $24.99 and includes one squeeze station, 3 tubes, one press and 10 squeeze pouches. If you want more pouches, a 50-pack costs $16.99 bringing the cost per pouch to 34 cents.

The best part? You can make whatever you want and put it in a pouch! I LOVE THIS! I am the biggest proponent in giving your child the same food you’re eating. This makes the proposition easy! Just take your food, puree it and push it into a pouch. Freeze them,┬árefrigerate┬áthem, take them with you. Easy breezy.

They sell accessories, but I don’t think they’re necessary. Though, the spoon attachment is pretty neat. Hey, if you’re inclined to buy the extras, go for it!

Not convinced yet? Watch the video:

Cool, no? Want to buy? Go here.


2 thoughts on “Best New Product – Infantino’s Make Your Own Food Pouches”

  • I love this idea! I was just talking to my friend last week about how it was too bad they didn’t make refillable pouches. My daughter loves the pouches, but they are so expensive. Thanks for the head’s up!

  • I bought this item and sadly, it doesn’t work. Talk about disappointment! The bags were too suctioned closed to push the food down into the bags with their tools. It made the biggest mess in my kitchen – food splattering left and right. I returned it to target the next day. If this company can improve the product functionality, I will give it another shot. I really wanted the product to work!

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