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Bathtime Bonanza

Bathtime Bonanza

Happy Presidents’ Day to all. Figured I’d start out with that…

So, a few weeks ago, you may remember, we took a family trip to the Dominican Republic. You may also recall that Bella had a 104.5 fever for 93% of the vacation. During our 5 days in paradise a strange thing happened. Bella became petrified of the bath.

You have to understand how incredibly strange that it. Since birth, this child has LOVED water. The bath, the pool, the ocean, the dog bowl…She loves sticking her hand in the toilet and patting her face (gives a new meaning to Eau de Toilette, eh?). She digs agua. She used to cry when we tried to take her out of the tub. I mean, I had to let all the water go down the drain before I could finally wrap her in a towel and take her out! THAT is why it was all so weird…

From the first moments we arrived at the Punta Cana Resort, Bella was in the pool. Loving it! Splashing around, “swimming” in her little fish floaty. She went walking on the beach and insisted on walking in the water. Then, she went in the ocean and swam with her dad. She was having a blast. All of a sudden, on our third day, she started shrieking when we tried to put her into the bath. And we had bubbles and toys! I tried getting in there with her, hoping it would help. Boy was I wrong! She was inconsolable. So, we quickly washed her and took her out – we needed to get the sand out of all the crevices. As soon as she was out of the water, she calmed down. The bizarre thing is that she continued to swim in the pool and ocean, but REFUSED to go in the bathtub.

This did not end when we returned home. For the next two weeks we had a very upset child each time we tried to bathe her. It gradually subsided, as we tried to make it fun again with toys, bubbles and song. However, she doesn’t want to sit down anymore (frankly, this makes it easier to clean her!), but at least plays and hangs out in there for some time. It was a bit nutty for 2 weeks, but I’m hoping that it was just a little bump in the road and that bathtime is fun again. Is this normal?


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  • I hung out with a friend as she bathed her son and he did not want to sit at all. I don’t know how long it lasted bit I think it was short… haven’t asked her how it’s going. You aren’t alone!

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