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Baby Anya, Day 5

Baby Anya, Day 5

I sit here writing, at 7am, because Anya has been asleep since 2 am! Woohoo!

The last few days have been wonderful and terrible! What a rollercoaster it is to give birth!

The good stuff…

Anya was born a very healthy baby (in other words, she’s a jumbo!). I was fortunate enough to get her out in two pushes. We started at 6:30pm and literally five minutes later, she was born. I’m not really sure how that was all possible, but I’m here on the flip side! I’ll do a post on the whole labor/delivery another day.

As soon as she arrived at the hospital, Bella has been enamored with her baby. All she wants to do is feed her, diaper her, change her clothes and kiss her. It is so sweet to watch…My heart melts.

Anya is a good eater. She’s a good burper. She’s become a better and better sleeper by the day. I mean, we’re going on a 5 hour stretch already! Love it!

The not so great stuff is all physical. Stuff I have to deal…especially the engorgement that is currently sweeping my upper body. O…M…G…I have never seen such misshapen and out of control boobs! The complete exhaustion and achey-ness that had overtaken my body the first four days is slowly starting to dissipate, but it was rough going! I’m trying to rest and relax as much as possible.

That’s it for now! Sorry, the brain is nowhere near back to normal function! I’ll be posting more regularly now that I can sit upright for longer than 5 minutes!

Here are a few pictures from the last few days:

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