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Anya’s One Year Stats

Anya’s One Year Stats

I know I promised some tutorials but my camera and server malfunctioned and I had to take a break from too much frustrating technology.

I took Anya to the doctor on Tuesday for her one year appointment. Her stats are as follows:

Height: 31.25″ (96%)

Weight: 23 lbs (71%)

She got a bunch of vaccines as well as a blood draw to check for lead and hemoglobin. She’s just fine, I’m happy to report.

I had a few questions for the doc, and I’ll share them and his responses, as well as what we chatted about. I absolutely adore Tribeca Pediatrics and Dr. Cohen. The philosophy is JUST RIGHT and I’m also happy to take the girls.

1) Why does my child refuse to drink from a straw? How do I shift her from the nipple bottle.
(Dr. Cohen looked at me like I may have a horn coming from the middle of my forehead) This is not a concern. Who cares if she likes the nipple? I don’t care. (I guess this is MY issue)

2) She eats three full meals and drinks 5 bottles of milk per day. Is this ok?
Sounds fine. As long as she is eating her meals, you can continue. BUT, she may become fussy and picky now that she is starting to assert her independence. If she starts to throw food or refuses to eat something, end the meal. There are no substitutions. She has to wait for the next meal, when she’ll be so hungry that she will eat what you place in front of her. So, if at lunchtime she decides that she doesn’t want to eat her meal, take it away. There will be no snacks, no milk bottles. Remember that milk is a treat, not a necessity. She will have to wait until dinnertime. Do this three times and you will break the child of her pickiness before a habit forms.

3) Anya gets really red around her mouth when she eats. It’s not a rash, just her skin gets very red. Is this a food sensitivity? Should I be worried?
There is nothing to worry about – this is NOT a food sensitivity. Some kids just have very sensitive skin and the acids in the food cause their skin to get red. 

4) Anya has been teething and also has a cough. Is this a cold or just teething?
Her chest is clear, so there’s no concern here. Since Anya has an older sister, she’s likely to have a bit of a cold. There’s nothing to do. Just be aware that the older kid will bring things home, but that means that Anya’s immune system will be very strong!

Those were our updates. Anya will go back in three months. Actually, both girls are going for appointments on the same day – Anya for her 15 month and Bella for her 4 year! Crazy!!!

By the way, Bella insisted on coming with us to the doctor. She fashions herself a doctor nowadays and carries her “statoscope” and “knee hammer” everywhere she goes. She wanted to make sure that Anya’s doctor would do a good job…The girls actually had FUN at the doctor’s office! Doesn’t hurt that they have wonderful toys including a beautiful wood kitchen…

Big girl waiting for her blood draw
Playing while waiting for Dr. Cohen
Bella actually let Anya play with her for the first time!
You know you’re at a great practice when your kids don’t want to leave the doctor’s office!

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