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Anya is 9 months old

Anya is 9 months old

I can’t believe it. Anya is 9 months old. ALREADY! It seemed like foreeeeeeeever before Bella turned this age. I think it’s because I paid attention to every gesture, every movement every teeny tiny little thing that Bella did. She was an only child back then.

Sorry, Anya. You have suffered the plight of the second child. Though, I have enjoyed you no less than I did Bella. You have been a wonderful, sweet, happy and loving baby. You eat and sleep like a champion. Your smile melts my heart. So, you haven’t figured out how to crawl yet. That’s ok. You have plenty of time. I’m just impressed by your incredible eating skills.

Last night, Anya was in full effect. After already having had her dinner, she ate again. We had a girls’ dinner – my mother-in-law, the girls and me. We ordered a salad and two types of pasta. As soon as the food arrived, it was on. The competition between the girls got heated, with each shoving as much as they could into their respective mouths. I hate to say it, but I think Anya took first prize. And if she didn’t, it was by a very small margin. Here’s a little clip of her eating off a plate (which did not end up on the floor or broken!):

So, I took my little petunia to the doctor for her 9 month check up this morning. All good news. She’s off the charts for height at 29.75 inches. She’s in the 92 percentile for weight at 22 lbs (WHA??? She feels heavier than that). And, Dr. Cohen has given up the green light for cow’s milk. Oh my goodness! I can say buh-bye to formula!!! So excited!

Anyone need Similac Advance Formula?

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