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Amazing Moisturizer for Baby and You

We moved to a town that has well water. Translate that as HARD water that’s full of minerals. For some reason, all these minerals combine together to completely dehydrate my body. I thought minerals were good for us…My skin looks like it’s peeling off and I am thirsty from the inside out. Worse still is the effects on poor little Anya’s skin. Her baby soft legs have turned into sandpaper – the super gritty kind. I tried Aquaphor, Nivea, Bio Oil and Vaseline but none of them did much. Then, I discovered a new product:

Go J&J! This gel is much thicker than normal Baby Oil so you can really work it in and the additions of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E make this a potent moisturizer. I tell ya – within 48 hours, Anya’s skin softened and is no longer red. I have been using it, too and it’s helping tremendously. I need to buy up a whole stock of this stuff and keep it everywhere!

What do you do for mid-winter dry skin? Any other suggestions?

You can find this product just about everywhere, but if you’re in a clicking mood and want to get a 6-pack, you can buy it here.

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