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C’est moi

Hi. I’m Michal. I am a woman who lives in New York City (the greatest city in the world, except for Tel Aviv) with my husband and two daughters. I am a jack of many trades. During the day, I run a production design company with a wide range of projects. In the last few years, I have designed the green room for the Pope, I have transformed a huge Texas hotel ballroom into a sleek and modern NYC-style club for 2,000 guests, and I have been on TV as a trend expert in Christmas tree decorating. Yup, my job ROCKS!

I was born in Israel. Moved to New Jersey when I was eight, but don’t you dare call me a Jersey girl! My brother-in-law Mike can attest to how much I try to distance myself away from that title. I spent my childhood dancing, acting and competitively playing the piano. And getting good grades. That didn’t mean I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up (not that it’s been clarified much two decades later).

I have many hobbies. I have had many jobs. I get the 7 year itch every 3 years. It’s grrrrrrrreat! I watch TV, I shop (mainly for shoes), I eat, I art, I hoard, I love. There’s so much about me that I don’t even know how to write it down. So, stay tuned! You’ll get to know me soon enough…

I had my first kid in 2008 and it’s been a wild ride! Especially since number two came along in the summer of 2011. I’m enjoying every minute of them, my hubby and our life together. We are extremely lucky: Bella and Anya are great eaters, sleepers and socializers. Come on, hang out with us!

7 thoughts on “C’est moi”

  • michal is an amazingly bright spirit + her creativity and love for family + friends is boundless! i am so excited for this blogging adventure she has begun, just another testament to michal’s artistic talents where we can all join in the fun + excitement that marriage + raising a family should be. she is the best friend a person could ever ask for + as bella grows, the coolest mom around….i can’t wait to see her, zack + the baby bean, bella, soon!!!!

  • Michal, love the blog!!! Don’t know which entry to read first! So glad you do this…. Every new mom needs a bump to bean blog!

    I’ll be seeing you here often.

    Jessica Nadler

  • Hey there, you sound like the kind of mom I admire. Love this blog. Keep posting. And stay in touch. I’m on Twitter and FB and I post advice & events from NYC moms. Jak Burke @ BABY DOES NYC

  • Thanks, Jak! I’m in the midst of reading some of your posts now. Glad to find like-minded moms here in NYC.

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