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OK, so here it is…things you should know in order to figure out whether you’d like to join me on this adventure.

A) I am not an expert. I am not a pediatrician. I am not a shrink. I am a modern woman who juggles a hubby, a business and two children. I want to share my experiences with the world because I feel there’s a void out there for people like me who want to raise cultured, happy and interesting kids while not forgetting about my own life.  I know there are plenty of us out there who are desperately seeking resources that will help us squeeze more hours into the day and make us feel happy, sane and satisfied with the result. I’d love to form a community of like-minded folks so that we can share info, ideas, and ways to make this thing we call parenting a whole lot more fun (and possibly easier?!?).

B) I was born in a different generation where no one used hand sanitizers, chemical sprays, nor even car seats in some cases! Look at me, I made it out alive! My kids will survive too. I credit their tough immune system to these methods. All I am saying is that we don’t always have to believe the hype that ad agencies and PR firms are pushing down our throats.

C) I’m a tough cookie. I love my girls, but I don’t always cut them as much slack as others may with their kids. I just don’t believe in creating bad habits that I will eventually need to break.  As my husband’s grandmother says, “suck it up, kid!”  Let’s help our kids have good habits and manners so they can become decent adults. I’m also trying to save some money down the road by NOT having to send my kid to therapy…

D) I’m pretty laid back when it comes to parenting. Whereas I hear that most parents relax by the time the second child arrives, I decided to treat my first as though she was the sixth.  I’ll admit: from the first minute we brought her home from the hospital, I wasn’t that worried. I figured that if a baby can survive in the frozen tundras, mine could definitely make it through the night in a nice, cushy, comfy bassinet. I slept well the first night home. Zack didn’t, but he owed me one.

E) I’m not going to sugar coat things – I want to be honest and realistic about parenting. I will tell you how it is (for me). It will not be the same for you, but maybe you’ll find something in common and it will make you feel less alone. This motherhood thing can be very lonely sometimes. They don’t tell you that.

F) Speaking of “they.” They didn’t prepare me. They didn’t tell me. I will discuss the things that “they” didn’t when you got knocked up. Beware, there will be details…and they may not always be savory.

G) Remember the Alamo! In this case, the Alamo is our lives. There’s plenty of room to discuss all aspects of our lives from travel to cooking to culture. Let’s discuss!

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  • Great site … I am a working mom of 2 little girls, and have so many of the same thoughts and ideas that you do. You do such an amazing job of putting it all into words. I will be a frequent reader!

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