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2011 Resolution: Safety! GIVEAWAY

2011 Resolution: Safety! GIVEAWAY

We are rapidly approaching the end of 2010 and if you’re like me, you’re starting to think about everything that has transpired throughout the year. The good, the bad, the pretty, the ugly, the smart, the dumb, etc. You  may also be thinking about ways to improve the things which were less than positive in your life. I’ve given up on the resolution to go to the gym – it seems cliched at this point, and completely not within my grasp. Instead, I am choosing safety as my numero uno resolution this year. You should join me!

Well, the cell phone (once again) has been my most worn/used accessory in 2010. I’m always on it. That’s not a good thing. So, when I’m driving the car (especially with Bella in the back), I want to make sure that my attention is on the road. Wintertime is particularly treacherous in the Northeast, so focus is super important. I’m lucky – my car has a built-in bluetooth speaker system. It’s great because it allows me to use the phone, if necessary, while being completely hands-free.

Now, I know that this doesn’t cm standard on all cars, so I started doing some research on after market products to see what’s out there. The most common thing you see is a bluetoot headset. Don’t know about you, but I HATE wearing an ear piece. It looks silly and it’s really uncomfortable. For me, those things aren’t worth their weight in plastic. They just make an appearance in my junk drawer and disappear forever.

A while back, I met a representative of Parrot. This company makes a slew of wireless products for cell phones. A lot of edgy stuff with cool design. She asked if I’d like to give the Parrot Minikit Slim a whirl and I said, “Sure!”

“Slim Daddy” was what I called the device from the moment I unwrapped the packaging. If you’re looking or an easy to use, sexy little bluetooth speaker for your car, bag, home, this is the product for you. Seriously. It’s voice activated and immediately recognizes your voice from the get-go. There’s no fussing around, practicing, etc. Also, when you first sync your phone to the Minikit, it automatically syncs your contacts and creates tags. That means that all you have to do is say some one’s name and it will dial for you. Pretty great.

Now, the most important thing here, obviously, is the sound. What good is a speaker if the sound sucks (ahem, iPhone!). The speaker is really strong on Slim Daddy – there’s very little distortion. I could hear people and they could hear me clearly. That’s more than I can say for my built-in bluetooth speaker…Most times people think I’m underwater or in a tunnel. Ugh.

Other great features of Slim Daddy are its super thin and light design. It’s sleek, sexy and totally portable. You can clip it to your visor, throw it in your bag, or hold it in your hand. You can even listen to your music on it. It’s a great little accessory! Oh, and the battery life is quite amazing – I didn’t have to charge that thing for days! Techinically, it has 15 hours talk time and 20 days on standby. Pretty impressive…In any case, it comes with a car charger, so even if you forget to charge it at home, you’re covered once you step into your car.

Here are some pictures of Slim Daddy (I’m giving you the nice sleek pictures from the company’s website cuz mine just look slightly poopy):



Wish that was my car


Update via USB

Who would I recommend this for? Anyone you want to keep safe – from your teenager to your husband to you. I think highway safety is extremely important. It seems that more and more people are taking their eyes off the road because they “need” to place a call, check something on their phone or even text. Don’t be one of those folks. Keep your family safe. And please, even if you don’t care about YOUR family, maybe you can care a little bit about mine? I don’t want your lack of focus to have an effect on my life. Be smart. Drive safe.

Now, if you want to buy the Parrot Minikit Slim, you can get it for $109.99 at most retailers. However, on, you can get it for $79.94 right now. If you don’t want to spend the money, then consider entering the GIVEAWAY! Yes, you guessed it. I’m giving away one Parrot Minikit Slim to a lucky reader.

If you’d like to enter to win a FREE Parrot Minikit Slim, all you have to do is send an email to answering the following questions:

1) How old are you?

2) Do you have children? If so, how many? (You don’t need to have children in order to participate)

3) What state/country do you live in?

That’s it! It’s pretty easy! You have until December 31, 2010 to enter. I’ll announce the winner during the first week of January.


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