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When I read about this last night, I almost puked. Here I am, sweating my buns off in the July heat of New York City, awaiting the arrival of my bebe. The doctor has decided that if she doesn’t show up on her own in the next 7 days, he will induce labor next Tuesday. Why? Because she’s a jumbo. Bella was a jumbo (8.5 lbs and 2 weeks early). He’s trying to save me from discomfort…

A normal baby eights 7.5 lbs. A 16 POUND BABY?!?!?!? I don’t know how one carries such a gigundo mass around for 39 weeks. Or how the doctor (who was predicting a 12 or 13 pounder) would allow her to go so long! The only thing that made me sigh in relief was the knowledge that she delivered via C-Section. The alternative would have made me vomit all over the place! I just don’t know how a woman can recover from delivering such a huge baby naturally…

Here’s the video of the baby. I’m still in shock and awe!

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